Structured Addiction Recovery

Restoring Lives Overcoming Addictions  has provided a safe, supportive atmosphere for those seeking recovery of drugs and alcohol since 2008.

Restoring Lives Overcoming Addictions is an advocate for people suffering from drug and alcohol dependency.

All of our partnering centers are accredited by the Joint Commission & National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers.

The beautiful settings, programs and residences provide clients a safe place to heal, free from distractions, where they can address the underlying issues among a group of other addicts experiencing the same addiction.
Our partner centers specialize in the treatment of addiction and co-occurring disorders such as depression, anxiety, trauma, and related emotional issues. They draw upon a variety of treatment approaches including behavioristic, psychoanalytic, humanistic and transpersonal therapies as well as complementary alternative methodologies. Eastern medicine, yoga, the 12 Steps process are also key components of addiction treatment program.
Most program’s small size allows them to get to know every client and to design fully customized individual treatment plans. Clients receive an unparalleled amount of one-on-one care with frequent individual therapy sessions and participate in small therapeutic and educational groups. Throughout the week, they may offer healing activities such as yoga, creative art therapy, and equestrian and massage therapy.

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Structured Sober Living

With standard recovery elements that include daily transportation to 12 step meetings, state-of-the-art drug and alcohol testing four days a week, a living environment with 24-hour supervision, focused professional vocational support and access to licensed clinical providers, Restoring Lives has unsurpassed support for individuals struggling with substance abuse issues (and their families as well).


What Sets Restoring Lives Sober Living Apart?


In traditional sober living environments, clients are required to remain drug and alcohol free – but testing is only done when intoxication is suspected. At Restoring Lives, regular drug testing is required for all residents – so it’s very difficult to slip under the radar. Regular, scheduled drug testing makes residents less likely to attempt to conceal drug or alcohol use, because everyone is tested whether or not they raise suspicion.

Traditional sober living environments have house rules that all residents must follow. The on-site managers are often residents and not paid employees, however, which can cause a conflict of interest within the house. At Restoring Lives, we have on-site employees keeping the residents accountable. Our staff is easy to get along with, but they aren’t there to be friends with the residents – their job is to keep everyone accountable.

In the case of a positive test result, or breaking house rules, traditional sober living environments often have a no-tolerance policy that can leave people on the street when they need help and support the most. At Restoring Lives, we continue to work with clients and their families to provide recovery solutions.

Restoring Lives provides clean, orderly housing and a structured environment for individuals looking to turn their lives around.

  • Clean, orderly living
  • Onsite 24-Hour Support Staff
  • Vocational Support