Restoring Lives Overcoming Addictions

Our goal is to offer a sober, safe and secure environment in which to live while establishing and achieving recovery goals. It is an opportunity for people to gain clarity and focus, become accountable to themselves and others and take ownership of their lives and their long-term sobriety.

Restoring Lives is here for you. It took a great deal of courage to seek help for your disease. We will absolutely honor that decision. But will also challenge you to take the next step, to reconnect with what makes you happy and embrace a life you never thought possible. You will have the opportunity to shed the wreckage of your past and build the foundation of your future. Those who complete their stay at Restoring Lives will have a realistic second chance at life.

We know facing the challenges of transition often requires more than a place to live.  Restoring Lives provides therapy, vocational training, computer training, educational (GED) and career training. In addition, we can provide referrals and on-site appointments for experienced credit repair, legal services, resume assistance and guidance related to community services.  Restoring Lives is here to assist you, challenge you, and help you reload your life.

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Vocational Career

Our residents can choose from a number of different fields.  Many of our men attend school and or work offsite while still receiving ongoing counseling and support in our residential program.   The support they need to stabilize and grow.

Computer Programmer

We are a one of a kind program that encompasses transformation as a basis for a new life.  Microsoft Academy, office skills and office administration are just a few of today's modern world business tools available.   We also offer GED obtainment if needed.

Financial Education

Learning how to be responsible with your money is a learned skill. We teach from the basics to the core of how to manage your money and invest for the future. Lessons include; Credit Cards and Debt, Acting in Your Own Best Interest, Paying Yourself First, Emergency Fund, Budgeting, Investing & Stock Market and entrepreneurship.