Substance Abuse Assessments

Every year thousands of Residents in Illinois have legal, workplace, or school violations that involve use of alcohol or a drug. While a violation by itself may not be a sign of a true substance abuse problem – the court, employer or school will often want a professional alcohol assessment or a drug and alcohol assessment as part of their screening process. If this applies to you, we can provide you with a fair alcohol and/or drug assessment in a professional and timely manner. Most appointments can be scheduled and a report provided within 5 business days.  Rush order services are also available upon request for same day and 24 hour service.

Common Reasons for an Evaluation:

  • After a DUI/legal  charge
  • Positive drug screen at work
  • For DMV/BMV license reinstatement
  • School drug/alcohol rule violation
  • Physician requested alcohol assessment
  • DOT/SAP/safety-sensitive employee violation

You are welcome to call us for professional references. There are numerous legal firms, court representatives and mental health professionals who are aware of the quality and timely service we provide. We would be happy to put you in touch with them.