Columbus, Ohio OH Drug Rehab and Alcohol Treatment

Columbus, Ohio Drug Rehab

Issues of Substance Abuse In Columbus, Ohio

In Columbus Ohio, the overdose rates have been on the rise at alarming rates. Families are losing their loved ones while waiting for beds at affordable treatment centers, or can’t find one that takes their insurance, or they have been through that revolving door one too many times and put an end to their misery. When this happens, families suffer more hurt and feeling of helplessness more than ever. The wounds are deeper each time. We ask for help as we begin the journey to provide more ethical, available, and supportive facilities in Ohio to battle the on-going crisis.

The Greatest Drug Threats In Ohio

There are numerous illegal drugs threatening Columbus, Ohio drug rehab. Heroin isn’t new in Columbus or any city within Ohio, but the recent surge in overdoses is being blamed on an even more potent drug called carfentanil. It’s 100 times stronger than fentanyl, a more common synthetic opioid that is itself much stronger than heroin. Carfentanil is used to sedate elephants. It can be dangerous to even touch it without gloves. Last year in Columbus, Ohio, there were more deaths attributed to fentanyl than to heroin.

Columbus, Ohio Drug and Alcohol Detox and Rehab

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Our goal is to reduce the number of overdoses and deaths across the U.S. caused by addiction. Those numbers are on the rise and we must be curtailed them by restoring faith in one’s self, rebuilding families, and providing education. Reloading addicts lives with positive relationships, social networks, counseling support, and self-directed living, increases the outcomes.  There are a shortage of treatment centers in Columbus to accommodate the amount of addicts. Although finding a center may be difficult there are options like methadone clinics, suboxene clinics and out patient programs available.


Finding a Columbus, Ohio Drug Rehab

Congratulations on taking the first step to recovery. Whether for you or a loved one, just being here shows you value life. So what is the next step? You simply call us and answer some confidential questions about what type of treatment you or your loved needs. We then can check your insurance coverage because most insurance will cover the entire cost of your stay. So take the next step and call us.


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