Clients involved in our program learn how to:

  • Identify triggers, such as people, places, and/or things
  • Find and use sober supports
  • Build a spiritual foundation
  • Develop effective communication for ideas, feelings, and thoughts
  • Establish healthy coping mechanisms
  • Manage stress and anger through relaxation techniques
  • Set and maintain healthy boundaries
  • Process and heal from past trauma
  • Understand “self-efficacy,” or one’s belief in their ability to accomplish goals and succeed in their chosen path
  • Honestly reassess past experiences and drug use
  • Forgive themselves
  • Restore life and fulfill dreams

Our peer recovery model for abuse and addiction recovery program provides patient with the knowledge and tools needed to succeed in long-term recovery. For individuals in the program seeking job placement, our staff offers job placement services.

At Restoring Lives, our staff has experience working with substance abuse, addiction, eating disorders, sexual trauma, depressions, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder. Our team works with patients to develop a treatment plan to include therapies that are specific to their individual needs.