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You've Taken The First Step, Now What?

Congratulations on taking the first step to recovery. Whether for you or a loved one, just being here shows you value life. So what is the next step? You simply call us at 877-959-9392 and answer some confidential questions about what type of treatment you or your loved needs. We then can check your insurance coverage because most insurance will cover the entire cost of your stay. So take the next step and call us. You've made it this far, don't stop now!

Let your search end here. Call us at (877)-959-9392 today for a FREE confidential assessment.


Our admissions team will work with you to help you feel welcomed and relaxed. They will go over all the procedures of your stay and help with all your medical reporting. Insurance can sometimes be a difficult but we will handle the paperwork for you.

Detox Treatment

Drug Detox Programs at ReLoad offer  supervision while a patient is undergoing drug withdrawal symptoms. Our treatment methods will concentrate on decreasing cravings and the desire for the patients drug use in the first place.

Drug Substance Abuse

ReLoad for drug addiction works hard for the patients to ensure a safe and successful recovery. Drug addiction programs are designed to help patients learn to live a life free from addiction. Their longevity and self-esteem are significantly increased, as well as their chances of maintaining sobriety outside of the treatment center.

Education - Work Training

We provide life skill training that includes help with getting a GED diploma, vocational trade school training and computer classes so you can be ready to join the workforce.

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Substance Abuse Treatment for Adults

Our goal is to offer a sober, safe and secure environment in which to live while establishing and achieving recovery goals. It is an opportunity for people to gain clarity and focus, become accountable to themselves and others and take ownership of their lives and their long-term sobriety.

Your call is confidential. Call Us At (877)-959-9392